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Need help extending license borrowing

Question asked by Misty Dawson on Feb 4, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2011 by Joe Grantham
Looking for any advice/suggestions. We have a problem with our SolidWorks floating licenses. We occasionally send users to customer sites with a laptop with a borrowed SolidWork license for extended periods of time, generally greater than the allowed 30 days the SolidNetWork license admin allows you to check out a seat. What I really want is a way to extend that 30 day limit to more like 90 days if that is possible.

I understand the conventional options here, but they are not very good solutions for my group - those options being either (1)reconnect to the network server after the license expires, problem is our users often have difficulty getting an internet connection at all where we send them in the world, much less a connection through VPN into the network, or (2)buy a standalone license, which seems like such a waste to me - as we have unused licenses while people travel that we've already paid for - and most of the time we need these to float in-house anyway, not sit unused on an underpowered laptop while they are in the office.

So - there is it - any thoughts/advice/suggestions?

Thanks for the input.