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    Spit solid body into 2, no extra files?


      As the title says, I would like to split a solid body into two solid bodies within one part file, without making other files. I have not found the feature to do this. I have gone the route of splitting a body off into another file and inserting that part back into the file, but there should be a better way. If nothing else, how can I unstitch seams?


        • Spit solid body into 2, no extra files?
          Well, I thought I couldn't, but having tried again I find I can. You're right. I was getting lead astray by the error messages that wouldn't let me make the split. Assigning a file name seemed the only way to make it work. Seems straight forward now.


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          • Spit solid body into 2, no extra files?
            Split Feature...it has the option to save the bodies to separate files, but you don't have to.

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