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Changing dimensions during animation

Question asked by John Schmidli on Feb 3, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2008 by Mark Kaiser
I'm trying to animate a mechanical device where I need to show oil levels in hydraulic cylinders. The ram in the cylinder changes position with the mechanism but I have a basic red coloured cylinder in side the (transperant) hydraulic cylinder.

At first I made the red cylinder extrude from the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder to the bottom of the piston. Without a rebuild the red cylinder doesn't update length.

Then I thought about changing the length (dimension) of the red cylinder at specific key frames but animator doesn't seem to allow this.

I'm using SW2007 but have SW2008 ready to install when I update my PC. Does SW2008 have an update that would help with this.

Does anybody know of a solution?
I've attached a basic hydraulic cylinder/animation to illustrate the issue.