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Toolbox / Assembly headache

Question asked by Brad Troutwine on Feb 1, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2008 by Brad Troutwine
I'm running 2008 SP0.2, we have toolbox loaded on a network drive with all the files set to read-only, and we have 5 users pulling from this drive. Everything runs great until we go to save the assembly. We all get the same error message.

R:\Solidworks\Toolbox\Solidworks Data\browser\Ansi Metric GEM Fasteners\Bolts And Screws\Socket Head Cap Screw_Ansi Metric GEM Fasteners.sldprt is being referenced by other open documents. "Save As" will replace these references with the new name. Check "Save As Copy" in the "Save As" dialog if you wish to maintain existing references.

I have looked everyplace trying to find a reason/fix for this but have not be successful. Has anybody seen this problem.

Thanks in Advance.