Ranga Narasimhan

Immovable constraint for edge/faces

Discussion created by Ranga Narasimhan on Feb 1, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2008 by Jakub Kasprzak

I dont find use of immovable against fixed constraint. Indeed, the way immovable works is same as fixed constraint in cosmos for edge/faces.

Immovable means, del x =del y = del z =0. And there can be rotation. When i say permit "rotation" but not "movement" (for a non-point object), i need to define a axis of rotation, which Cosmos never ask me when i apply immovable constraint to a edge or face.

Result: The result behaviour is same on a given edge/face for both immovable/fixed.

Question: Does that mean immovable constraint is for point object only.