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How do you use sketch bends

Question asked by Charles Winston on Feb 1, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2008 by Charles Winston
I am a Solidworks beginner. I am using 12ga.(.1046) steel sheet metal and forming a "U" shaped profile. The base width is 18in, the two vertical flanges are 1" each end, by 12" long. The shear size is 12" x 19.75 The bend deduction = .1875" per 90 deg bend, radius = material thickness. To place the location of my bend-lines i used 1" flange minus mat'l thickness = (.8954). When I folded the model none of the dims were correct. The flanges were (.022") less than 1" and the base width was about (18.011"), I edited the sketch and added the(.022") to the flanges both ends then everything worked just fine. I would like for someone to explain the correct procedure when using sketch bends. I would also like for someone to explain how to convert this bend deduction to K-factor.

Any help is always appreciated.