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    Dimension Styles

    Bill  Somerville
      Autocad has the ability to display splined (Polyline) leaders.
      Our company is striving to improve the quality of our drawings.
      Drawings are the "Product" that we actually supply to our customers.

      We would like to improve the standards of our drawings with splined or polyline leaders in some cases
      But no one here knows how to do that.

      We would be willing to purchase addins or whatever.

        • Dimension Styles
          Charles Culp
          As far as I know, Solidworks can only do straight leaders. You can add multiple jog points, bending at many locations, but they will all be straight lines.

          I am also not aware of any add-ins that allow this; but there are more out there than those I am aware of!
          • Dimension Styles
            Eddie Cyganik

            Although SolidWorks does not meet all specifications, they do strive to meet the majority of ANSI (ASME), ISO, DIN, etc., etc.

            Per ASME Y14.2M, Line Conventions & Lettering, 2.8.3, Leader Lines:
            ...A leader line is straight inclined line, not vertical or horizontal.

            So, this is the standard.