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    Corey Hinman
      For whatever reason we cannot right click in the preview area to print any autocad drawings. We can double click and open in edrawings, but cannot right click on the preview.

      Is this normal functionality?
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          Lucas Dexter
          I am running approx. 60 seats of AutoCAD and this has happened on several, but not all, of the installations. I opened a case with our VAR and even spoke with a SolidWorks tech but no one can figure it out. Hopefully it is fixed in 2008. And, no, it is not normal functionality. Sometimes I get calls from users that are getting a "Please install full version of eDrawings'" dialog when viewing AutoCAD files. That one has them stumped as well. The gentleman from SolidWorks came up with a work around while on the phone with me but even the work around does not always fix the problem.

          Are you using DWG Trueview to view your files or eDrawings? DWG trueview does a good job with the preview but it is one more application you have to keep up to date.

          -Good luck!
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            Wayne Tiffany
            Just a thought - is it possible that the machines that are misbehaving have auto-updated to eDrawings 2008 and that's causing a problem? I know that the ones here that have done that can no longer open SW files. Don't know about ACAD though.

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                Lucas Dexter
                I have run into one user that upgraded his eDrawings to 2008 but most of the time they are running 2007. However, I have noticed that some users have both 2006 and 2007 installed on their machines when this anomaly happens but I am not sure if there is a correlation there. After I run thru the work around steps it usually fixes any issues.

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                Lucas Dexter
                I told you there is a work around but did not put it in writing. Here is the work around that seems to work most of the time:

                1) Remove all instances of eDrawings from the machine with add/remove programs.

                2) Go to PDMWE in add/remove programs and click on 'Change'.
                a. Click next
                b. Make sure 'modify' is selected and click next.
                c. Make sure there is NO 'X' in the eDrawings client for applications to install and click next.
                d. Click next until you get out of the modify dialog.

                3) Run the registry punch called "UseeDrawingsForDWGPreview_70.reg" (I could not attach it to this post but your VAR should be able to get it for you)

                4) Associate DWG files with the eDrawings application in Windows Explorer

                5) Perform a reboot and check the view feature with a DWG file.

                I just used this method to fix a users PDMWE preview and it worked beautifully.

                -Good Luck!