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Windows XP Performance Tips

Question asked by Ken Kollin on Jan 30, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2008 by Ken Kollin
Hello again,

I'm waiting for rush-hour traffic to subside so I'm posting again.

We've all seen tips, tricks, and tweaks that boost system performance. Some may be common knowledge while others may not. The goal is to reduce the processing load by disabling features we really don't care about without affecting the features we like. These are general tips mainly outside the scope of SolidWorks. I can go into more detail if there is any interest. Feel free to comment or add your own tips.

1) Disable the 'last accessed' stamp for files.

2) Disable the 8.3 naming convention (unless you still love DOS).

3) Keep Windows operating data in main memory (instead of the pagefile).

4) Disable the Performance Counters.

5) Force DLLs to unload from memory when programs are closed.

6) Disable the bells and whistles (themes).

7) Disable VSync

8) Disable error reporting.

9) Defrag the hard drive.

10) Defrag the pagefile, registry, profiles, etc.

11) Have your anti virus software ignore SolidWorks related files, such as sldprt, slddrw, sldasm, and the SolidWorks folder.

12) Keep the system files on one drive and your data and pagefile on another.

13) Clear your %temp% folder, Internet Explorer temp files, unused backup files, etc.

14) Treat your system with respect. Clean it out once in a while with some compressed air. Don't use the dvd-tray as a cup holder.

15) Disable the Indexing service.

16) /3 GB (followed by /USERVA=2900 for some ATI cards...)

17) Periodically check out the Event Viewer for problems.