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    vault error: 50

    Kenneth Nyren
      Anyone get a Vault error: 50 when trying to check in files?

      This is a new thing for us and happens more and more frequently. Sometimes files check in fine other times it takes 3-4 times getting vault error: 50 each time, then the next time it will check in.

      Most times if you have a drawing open and tell it to check in active file it will grab the drawing and part to check in and it will check in the part and fail with error 50 on the drawing. Then we just keep trying the drawing several more times and it checks in.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Ken Nyren
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          Rod Levin
          There can be several reasons for getting Vault Error 50, FILESYSTEM UNKNOWN. We have seen this occur when:
          . There are broken Tool Box references
          . The files have "Strange" characters in the filenames, like degree symbols, plus/minus
          . If they are non SolidWorks files, they can not be open in the application that created them, like word, Adobe Illustrator, etc.
          . Limited free disk space on the server in the vault directory
          . When the server is tired and needs to be stopped and restarted
          Hope this helps...
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              John Zhao
              I have the same problem because the tool box reference, my situation is at begining we check in the bolt and nut into a project called bolts and nut, later we fond there are too many version, so we decided not check in the bolt and nut, we try delete the project bolt and nut, but it did let it go, also we can not check in the assembly now, always show error 50 even we have changed all the bolt and nut
              looks like the assembly still looking for the old bolt and nut ,while we do not know how to delink these link , thank you
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                  Tammy Shlasky
                  We were having lots of problems with vault error 50 that were solved once we upgraded the application server to windows 2003 server. What is the OS of your pdmworks service application machine?
                  Tammy Shlasky
                  PDMWorks Workgroup 2006 SP 5
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                      Tim R
                      I know this is an old thread, but we were having this same problem and I just noticed this thread topic now. We tracked the cause of Error 50 down, in our case, to files that are open in the assembly you are attempting to check-in that are already located in the vault. When opening some assemblies and not finding files in the working directory some users pointed the assembly to files in the vault. After we actually checked out those parts and made a local copy of the part the check-in went fine. I think the process it mentions in the log is the process you are currently in, it confuses it, and errors out.

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                  Kenneth Nyren
                  A bit more information...

                  This is asection of the log file.

                  01/30/2008 14:06:32 Start: Initializing global settings.

                  01/30/2008 14:06:32 End: Initializing global settings.

                  01/30/2008 14:11:09 Start: Initializing global settings.

                  01/30/2008 14:11:09 End: Initializing global settings.

                  01/30/2008 14:14:52 pdmwCheckIn2::Execute() Could not complete transaction: pdmwActionMoveFile: erform() -- MoveFile(D:\Engineering\PDMWorks\_temp\5023 B.SLDPRT, D:\Engineering\PDMWorks\projects\5000\5023 B_SLDPRT\13\_SLDPRT) error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

                  (32) [32]

                  In this case it checked in the part file but not the drawing. in a retry immediately after this it checked in the drawing without an error.

                  We have been unable to find any process other than solidworks accessing the file. we even disabled our antivirus to rule it out.

                  P.S. this seems to be only since the upgrade to SW2008
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                      Neal Rusy
                      Are your service packs in sink with one another meaning sw and pdmworkgroup and the vault. I saw alot of this when mine was not
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                          Kenneth Nyren
                          All the service packs are in Sync 2008 SP2.0

                          I have since run sysinternals process explorer tool and tried to check in part 3746 and the associated drawing. The part checked in and the drawing failed. I then searched the process log for 3746 and the only place it show up was in Solidworks. Both the sldprt and the slddrw were in Solidworks.

                          I have also checked for broken toolbox references (none in this file)
                          No strange characters in the filenames
                          They are solidworks files. Some were checked out of the vault updated to 2008 and failed on checkin.
                          There is 150GB of free disk space on the server in the vault
                          Server and vault service have been rebooted. ( I do this every Wed night after the backup)

                          I have been dealing with our VAR on this too but so far no answers.
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                              Joy Garon
                              Hi Ken -

                              The two thing I would try are:
                              1> if you are indexing the files, try stopping the indexing service and test again.
                              2> put the client and server on the same machine and rule out a network issue.

                              If this does not work, have your VAR take a copy of your vault and see if he can reproduce the issue in their office.

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                          Glenn Franck
                          We are running PDMWorks 2007 SP3.0 and are experiencing the Vault Error: 50 problem when checking in files. It is an intermittent problem which makes it very hard to diagnose. I have done everything suggested by SolidWork's technical support and the problem still exists. After talking with them and reading the various forums it appears they have no idea what causes this to happen. We have been using PDMWorks for about 8 years and until now have been fairly satisfied. Frustrated would be the kindest word I could say right now.

                          Glenn Franck
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                              Neil Custard
                              Create a batch file (*.bat) that stops and starts the service on the vault machine each night. This will greatly improve the vault error 40 and 50 that comes up too often. Put the bat file in the scheduler and let it run each night before and after backup. I have run these bat files for about 6 years and had very little to no problems with PDMWorks Workgroup vault checking in and out.


                              net stop "PDMWorks Workgroup Server"


                              net start "PDMWorks Workgroup Server"

                              Neil Custard
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                                  Kenneth Nyren
                                  Restarting the service may help some times but our problems started in 2007 SP3 and after months of trying to fix it we are going to a different PDM. I have spent hours on web ex with tech support and they just can't seem to fix this problem. I even copied our vault to a portable drive and sent it to them to diagnose.

                                  We did some work on our DNS (Manually entered som specific name maps) and set the service to log in as administrator and managed through that to cut down on the errors but sometimes it still takes 15-20 tries to get an assembly into the vault. Restarting the vault seems to make no change. We have gotten the error reset the vault then gotten the error again on the first attempt to checkin.

                                  Some times it works better if you go to the vault navigate to where you want the file then use the checkin active file to put it in the vault. It seems like we have more problems when we try to redirect the files.

                                  That may not help but at least you know you are not alone.

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                                    Glenn Franck
                                    Stopping and restarting the PDMWorks vault service does not fix the problem for us. I think it is a timing issue with the software. The vault admin is trying to manipulate the files before the previous action is completed. Putting a few "wait" commands into the software might fix the issue. Nothing worse to diagnose than an intermittent problem.
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                                  Mike Abbott

                                  The biggest reason that we have seen for this error is a computer has the file open from the vault in the Solidworks viewer within the latest directory.  Once we close the viewer, we are able to check the file into PDM.  Has anyone else found this to be a solution?

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                                    Jeremy Buckley

                                    For anyone who comes across this thread, Mr. Abbott is correct. Although I am sure the other fixes for this error may be needed in some cases. If users are using the latest directory to view files and you try to check in one of these open files the PDMWorks will give you the "vault error 50".