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    Chamfer Dimension Tool HELP!!!

    Jason Raak
      I am looking for some help and suggestions from all of you. We are looking to use the Chamfer Dimension tool exclusively for dimensioning all of our chamfers, however we do not use the any of the standard ways of dimensioning a chamfer. We call out all of our chamfers in the form of .XXX CF. Does anyone have any ideas about how to accomplish this? Please help!
        • Chamfer Dimension Tool HELP!!!
          Eddie Cyganik


          You'll need a custom program to automatically display anything other than the default options SW offers (see image). Otherwise you'll need to submit a ER and hope that your specific needs are taken care of in SW2045.

          Your probably better off creating a note by capturing the dimension and then adding the "CF." suffix.

          O, create the note with "CF." and save as a favorite. Then add the favorite, and capture the dimension after the fact.