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splitting of design table in drawing

Question asked by Chad Coombs on Jan 30, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Wayne Bird
I have several hardware files that we use based on design tables. I would like to show these in their drawings, but some of our files have over 100 configurations.
I can adjust what it shown in the tables via the design table in the model, I can adjust the overall size of the table in the drawing (often making it too small to read), and I can import the design table into the drawing with no issue, but I would like to be able to split the table as one would do with a BOM table so that it fits on one page, or multiple pages. I have searched here on the forum, and not found my answer. There was one post stating to use the right click>split table option, but that does not work for me in a design table, but obviously does for a bom table. I would like to do this without creating any external files where links need to be maintained, as we are currently not set up with a PDM system.
Any help you can provide is appreciated.