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Discussion created by 1-AF5LOB on Jan 30, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2008 by Gary Garrison
I need some advice on specing a low cost entry level system.
It is going to be used mainly for sheetmetal part modelling, small assembly work (Less than 50 parts) and creating the drawings and BOM's etc.
We do use a lot of configurations with some files being 70~100MB in size.
Any rendering or FEA will be done on my machine.

The company generally uses Dell computers and I think we would like to stick to that. I have been looking at a Precision 390 but I'm not sure how to configure it

I want to stick to a 32bit system and 2GB of RAM should be plenty?
The rest of the company runs Windows XP Pro so not even going to think about Vista.
I have no idea when it comes to processors (I lost track after the 486 DX2 came out)
A NVIDIA Quadro card? Not sure of Chipset or the amount of RAM

Has anyone gone through this recently? What did you opt for? Any suggestions welcome? Is there anything I should avoid?

Many thanks