Neil Jordan

SolidWorks 2008 shortcut via Group Policy

Discussion created by Neil Jordan on Jan 30, 2008
I have managed to sort out the administrative install without too many issues . However, when rolling it out to clients, I have an issue.

In one previous admin install, I thought that I would keep the default of c:\program files\solidworks, however I have subsequently decided that it is a bad idea for PCs with existing previous versions. I did originally tried to modify the admin files to put in the new path, but when I removed the files locally and redeployed, it still wanted to install to the old path rather than the new one of c:\program files\SolidWorks 2008.

So I re-created the admin install from scratch ensuring that the correct path was entered in.

I have removed and redeployed on my machine, but it still wants to install in the old directory. I have even been through the registry and removed Solidworks entries and used the Windows Installer Clean-up. Nothing seems to work.

I have now tried the same thing on a fresh PC and it still creates the shortcut for the wrong directory!

I have checked the AdminDirector.xml file and that has the correct directory in it.