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Where to spend the bucks on performance

Question asked by George Mills on Jan 29, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2008 by Jim Zink
I'm not the user, I'm the I.T. guy buying the machine.

The user currently has a 2 year old Dual Xeon 2.9Ghz (older scale) Dell 650 with 2 Gig Ram, Fx550 and he's hurting. He's done alot to optimize things mainly all the subcomponents are in "summary" mode (I forget the exact name). We'd read the forums and tried a bunch of stuff but it still runs like a pig. He has lot of subcomponents to make building and designing straight forward.

We'll buy what he needs but I just don't want to waste money where it won't help. Maybe money is better spent on a better graphics card and less CPU's. I had already upgraded from a cheap graphics card to the FX550 a year or so ago and he saw 0 improvement (and more Video Card Driver bugs).

His biggest complaint is just moving arround very large assemblies (many 1000's of parts like lots of screws).

The system below comes to about $2700.00

PROCESSOR Inteltm Core®2 Extreme QX6800 (2.93GHz/1066MHz/2X4MB L2) 375W
VIDEO CARD 256MB PCIe x16 nVidia Quadro FX570
MEMORY 4GB, 800MHz, DDR2 SDRAM Memory, ECC (4 DIMMS) edit
HARD DRIVE 160GB SATA, 10K RPM Hard Drive with 16MB DataBurst Cachetm edit

Is Quad a Waste? Based on threads I'm reading it may be and it's a lot more money. He never seems out of memory with 2 gig, is 4gig a waste? Faster disk (10k rpm) I'm almost sure will help with load times.

Would a Dual with 2Gig Memory be 95% as fast? That would probably knock $1200.00 off.

He's running 2007 with latest service packs.

He does not do much FEA.