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    Leader Nearest

    Josh Hershberger
      I am using a geometric tolerance to call out how parallel two surfaces have to be to another surface. It looks to me that the "Leader Nearest" feature is available (circled-red and pointed-yellow.) Does this feature allow you to point a note/geo. tol. to more than one item? If so, can someone let me know how to do that?
        • Leader Nearest
          Eddie Cyganik


          The Leader Nearest icon sould be selected when your not sure what side the leader will be. It is the default, it makes the most sense and it allows you to move your GDT or note or whatever, to any location and depending on where it is with respect to the location, the information will pop to the right or left with the leader in the proper position.

          To create multiple leaders, first place your note, then Ctrl select the arrow head and drag it to a another position. That's it!