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local copy & vault copy comparison

Question asked by Nayshil Singh on Jan 29, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2008 by Nayshil Singh
Please consider this:

In a multiuser environment:

open a previously saved assembly from the vault by browsing to the assembly of interest via the vault browser from within swrx - right click the assembly and choose open/check out document.

in the following window ("Get Local Copy and Open Document") you get a list of the parent assembly and all child parts or sub assemblies of the parent assy. Looking at the document status icon to the left of each part/assy, if you have the "equal" icon -- this means that your local open and check out folder's copy is exactly the same as that of the vault. So, no need to get files from the vault, you can click "no to all" after it asks you if you want to replace your local copies and swrx opens your local copy of the assembly. You can rest assured that what you are opening will be exactly what was checked into the vault by another user at some time over the past several months or even years.

this is not the case with my vault setup. When ever I open a file from the vault, and if you have the "equal" document status icon, the assembly breaks with parts of different sizes, & configurations and sometimes it says

"The internal ID of document does not match the internal ID saved with the referencing document. Select YES to accept this document anyway. Select NO to browse for a replacement model."

Why does this happen even if vault says that both local and vault copies are equal? Furthermore, how can I guard against this from happening in the future?

Thank you in advance for your comments/suggestions.