toolbox error on installation

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 12, 2006
For a couple of years now, I've been getting an error message when I try to update Toolbox on one machine in particular
Required operating system database files are not present on this system.
This message appears when I launch Solidworks (with the toolbox plugin loaded) attempt to update Solidworks with a service pack and attempt to update the toolbox database using the 'UpdateBroswerData.exe' utility.
Like I said, it's only happening on one machine. That machine has a few other anomalies not related to solidworks.
So the answer is to Nuke and Pave, right. Let's for the moment say I don't want to have to reinstall half life 2. I've tried a repair install of Windows XP and a fresh install of Solidworks.
I've checked and my machine's running the latest versions of ADO, Jet OLEDB and ODBC works fine.
The question I'm putting to you guys is, 'what operating system database files,technologies is toolbox looking for?
Thanks for your ideas.