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Text cut through

Question asked by Norbert Gal on Jan 29, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2008 by Dan Riffell

my problem is how can I cut text through a sheetmetal?
Because some letters result multibody (ex: A, O, R, P.. etc) if I would like to cut the text through..
I have'nt a better idea than this:
- create a sketch on one of the sheetmetal face
- create a text
- when text looks good make: "Dissolve sketch text" .. and I get curves..
- in the sketch I create some modificaton to avoid multibody
- cut the sketch through..

this is good if I do not need any changes on the text anymore..
but sometimes I need to change text position, size.. etc..

So.. Has anybody some other, better, faster, method to create cut through text?

thanks your helps..