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Workflow states and permission

Discussion created by Corey Hinman on Jan 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2008 by Lucas Dexter
ok, first timer so be gentle. We have a few different groups, one of which is "view only". People who should only see parts at a certain state such as "released". I have the group set to not read file contents of anything in a "pending" condition.

I have "always work with latest version" checked, (which doesn't seem to allow me access to older versions, which is a problem).

If I search on a file it will bring back let's say a Released part, but if I hit get latest version I see a "pending" file, even though in Groups I said to not be able to read file conents. (Is this why i get "failed to add file to vault"?)

Based on the above does anyone have recommendations for setting up this view only group?