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Changing what a smart dimension is attached to

Question asked by Carrie Ives on Jan 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by Ben Druce
I am going to ask this question in two ways.

First way (for former Pro/E users)- in Pro/E, in your sketch, if you find that you created a dimension between two items and it should have been between two others, you select the dimension, hit edit, replace, and recreate the dimension. The drawing will have the dimension in the new location (assuming it was shown previously). Can I do this in Solidworks? How?

Second way (for those who haven't used Pro/E)- I have a sketch that is fully dimensioned. These dimensions may be shown on a drawing. (I do not know because I am editing a part.) In this case, the sketch is of a hole pattern. It is currently dimensioned from hole to hole, and the bottom left hole is dimensioned back to the part. I am assuming that if I delete a dimension and create another one (to dimension to the top right hole) that the drawing will no longer have the hole pattern dimensioned. Is that correct? Is there a way to get a smart dimension to be between two different things than what it was originally created to dimension? I know that sometimes when I fix failed sketches, I can get the dimensions to reattach to other geometry if the original geometry is gone.