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Question asked by James Carney on Jan 28, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2008 by Drew H
I think I already know the answer.

I know in Pro-E form tools can be parametric back to the part they are used in and they work wonderfully.

In SolidWorks this does not seem to be the case unless I'm doing something wrong. When the form tool is used any changes made to it do not filter back to the part it was used in. However, if you double click the form tool in the part feature tree (not editing the sketch) you can see the profile dimensions of the form tool but when you try and make edits they don't take.

Why the ^%*&^&^ would SolidWorks show you the dimensions you want to change but not allow you to change them? Am I doing something wrong hear? Am I to understand that the only way to change a form tool feature once it's used is to delete it and re-insert it then fix all the assemmbly contraints that have failed?

So if I was working for Boeing and I just got done putting in 1500 circular embosses and realized I screwed up the depth (the plane is done by the way) I have to delete and re-insert?

Sorry for my venting. Any help is appreciated.