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    Carmelo Treviso

      SOLIDWORKS Customer,

      SOLIDWORKS R&D team has once again been hard at work and is very excited to
      announce that the 2017 Beta program will be launched in late June 2016.

      2017 contains hundreds of new user-driven enhancements providing the power you
      need to drive innovation. Key focus areas for SOLIDWORKS 2017 include:

      • More core power and performance
      • Unlock any 3D model to work with SOLIDWORKS
      • New capabilities to address emerging technologies
      • Flexible product portfolio for your business
      • Innovation Ecosystem for creating breakthrough designs
      • Data integration from concept to manufacturing

      more information on the Beta program, visit the Beta website. Or if you have any
      questions, please email us at beta@solidworks.com


      SOLIDWORKS Beta Team

      Are you ready? Not any really new info as the bullet points seem very vanilla to me.

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          John Stoltzfus

          2017 already - we still need to get over 2016

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              Carmelo Treviso

              Wonder how many have yet to install 2016 after all the UI gripes. I'm on it and my work flow is for crap at times. Looking forward to emerging tech. What could that possibly be, lol. Innovation Ecosystem? Yeah I may have to install beta this year so I can get over the shock factor a year later.

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  First time ever that I waited till SP3 - but liking it a lot, icon colors and icon design was my biggest issue.  It would have been great to see the Icon Design change and then the next release color, if they think they gotta do it. 


                  I have narrowed down the crashes, where (here) it is all user issues, fat finger disease, not saving often enough on larger assemblies etc.. 

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                Chris Saller

                "2017 already - we still need to get over 2016 "

                I think a year ago I read "2016 already - we still need to get over 2015".  ;-)

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                  Paul Salvador

                  ..wow, that was filled with broad marketing stroked words!  

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                    Jeff Holliday

                    Ok - so here's a challenge for all of us.

                    If you are looking forward to the 2017 Beta - be sure to join the program when it becomes available - no cost, be as active as you choose and test it out.


                    If you are not happy - join the beta program - try it out and provide feedback (positive/negative).


                    If you are comfortable with the past track of things - let others experience the Beta program and use the program when it's released.


                    If you have concerns but cannot/will not join the Beta - express your opinions but keep in mind that the later some problems are exposed, the longer it will realistically take to address them. I was involved with a color/icon survey (pre-beta) and have joined the beta for many years. Despite what I saw I was comfortable with what I saw/used. I highly doubt I was the only person to do so. I also highly doubt that my responses were the only ones used to build the final release product.