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First impressions SW2008 SP2

Discussion created by Kevin Quigley on Jan 27, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2008 by Brian Cayer
I'm a bit late to the party here but have finally installed SW 2008 SP2 (from SW 2007 SP5). I have done this with some concerns given the comments floating around here these last few months.

First impressions? I wish I had moved to 2008 earlier. Fantastic! Even on this old Dell M60 it runs well (faster than 2007).

The left click icons and right click combo of icons and menu are excellent - right out the box. Seriously I was up and running with little downtime or relearning - OK I have used SW for over 10 years but then I've also used many other apps as well and I can see echoes of those in 2008 as well

Best features?

Instant 3D! No question. For conceptual editing it is fantastic.

Also new tabbed interface works exceptionally well - the evaluation tools tab allows me direct and fast global zebras for surfacing.

The realview environments work well for surfacing as well - excellent.

Overall - very happy indeed. If you are waiting and worrying - jump on in.