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    Cosmos Companion Weld Sizing

    Steve Callegari
      I am using Solidworks and Cosmos 2008.
      I have attempted to perform a weld sizing of a vessel leg weld using the same
      procedure as is performed in the Cosmos Companion Series (Throat Shear Method - Cosmos Companion Static Weld Sizing - for static weld sizing). I have adapted the weld profile formulas for my weld geometry but I cannot extract the forces form the bonded area of the weld.

      I feel like my model is correct:

      1. I have used split lines to make sure a compatible mesh can be used for the bonding of leg to vessel and for the extraction of forces along the weld line.
      2. I have used the global bonding (compatible mesh) for all intersecting lines, faces vertex. I have used draft mesh as instructed in the topic
      3. I have checked the "Compute free Body Forces" box before running the analysis.

      When I right click on the stress plot to get to the Free Body Forces user interface it does not allow me to select the "Free Body Forces" box (it is greyed out). i attempted to select the vertex to see if the box would allow me to select the compute free body forces check box but to no avail. Any suggestions? Is this a bug?


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          Vince Adams
          Hi Steve, I can not think if a reason you wouldn't have access to FB Forces if you checked the box before the study was run. Can you verify on a separate simple assy that you can access this feature?

          Otherwise, you may want to review this with your VAR tech support. We have no bugs reported which indicate FB Forces don't exist when requested but that doesn' mean it isn't.

          Let me know what you find out...

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            Steve Callegari

            Thanks for the reply.

            It turns out this is a regression from the previous release. COSMOS has issued an SPR on the issue. SPR 406380.
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                Seth Langston
                I can not show free body forces in shell assemblies either (2008 SP3.1). SPR 406380 shows that the FBF issue is fixed in 2008 SP 4. Anyone have an idea when SP 4 will be released?
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                    Andrey Aliamovskiy
                    CW 2008 computes Free body forces for bonded contact pair, but (in contrast to CW 2007) these pairs mus be defined in an explicit form using Define contact pair command.
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                        Seth Langston
                        When using shell elements in 2008 SP3.1, the option to select Free Body Forces is not available for me although compute free body forces is selected. I can get free body forces using solid models with contact but the shell method is preferred for sizing welds. I have a separate install of 2007 SP5.0 for finding free body forces on shells until 2008 SP4.0 comes out.
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                            Seth Langston
                            With 2008 SP4.0, we can now show free body forces for shells. However, I am unable to select a point. I have to select an edge. The method shown in the COSMOS Companion (referenced above) requires a point to be selected. I tried to use the edges between the points to calculate the weld size but the results were significantly different from what I would get in 2007 SP5.0 using the points.

                            Does anyone know of a way to select points when finding free body forces on surface models in CW2008 SP4.0? Has anyone tried to do this in the 2009 prerelease?


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                            Ram - 4 gb
                            2008 SP4.0