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Cosmos Companion Weld Sizing

Question asked by Steve Callegari on Jan 25, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2008 by Seth Langston
I am using Solidworks and Cosmos 2008.
I have attempted to perform a weld sizing of a vessel leg weld using the same
procedure as is performed in the Cosmos Companion Series (Throat Shear Method - Cosmos Companion Static Weld Sizing - for static weld sizing). I have adapted the weld profile formulas for my weld geometry but I cannot extract the forces form the bonded area of the weld.

I feel like my model is correct:

1. I have used split lines to make sure a compatible mesh can be used for the bonding of leg to vessel and for the extraction of forces along the weld line.
2. I have used the global bonding (compatible mesh) for all intersecting lines, faces vertex. I have used draft mesh as instructed in the topic
3. I have checked the "Compute free Body Forces" box before running the analysis.

When I right click on the stress plot to get to the Free Body Forces user interface it does not allow me to select the "Free Body Forces" box (it is greyed out). i attempted to select the vertex to see if the box would allow me to select the compute free body forces check box but to no avail. Any suggestions? Is this a bug?