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World Wide SolidWorks Community Leadership

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Jan 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2008 by 1-3PL95X
If you've ever wondered why there is a user group near you, it is at least in part because of Richard Doyle. If you want a user group to form near you, you will eventually talk with Richard Doyle.

SWW08 featured a lot of Richard Doyle. That's a good thing.

He lead several technical presentations.

He lead a pair of SWUGN business / leadership meetings.

He met and he talked and he introduced in nearly every hallway in the San Diego Convention Center.

He handed out gifts and checked badges and distributed leaflets.

On Wednesday, he got up in front of 4,000 screaming SolidWorks fanatics and introduced the SWUGN committee members and talked a bit about the user group experience.

This was the first time that user groups got this kind of stage time at SolidWorks World. Richard is making sure that the hard work of all 128+ user group leaders is getting the attention of the CAD community. Stage time at SolidWorks World is a precious commodity; it is an international audience and it is watched by everyone in the CAD industry. The effort required to put SW user groups center stage is astonishing.

But SWW08 was only the most recent element of the years of hard work that he has put into user grouping.

Richard is the only person who has attended all of the SWUGN Technical Summits. This has required a lot of travel time - including trips overseas.

Richard has probably conducted more training sessions on more topics than any other person on this planet. (Jankowski is might be a close second.) And every one of Richard's presentations concludes with people giving him a round of applause in gratitude for the education.

When you meet Richard, it becomes instantly clear that he is all about helping people to enjoy their experience with SolidWorks. If you're happy, he's happy. If more people are happier, he's happier. If you have a problem, he'll find someone with a solution.

I'm not privy to all of the functions that fall on Richard's shoulders, but I know he is responsible for budgets, blogs, forums, publications, PR, protecting SWUGN from Marketing, and more. With all of that, he puts the user group leaders and their problems as his only priority (outside of family, of course).

Richard spends a lot of time thanking and congratulating people.

Next time you meet him, say "Thank you, Richard!"