Gerald Davis

SW08 Tip - Context menu pairing with Shortcut menu

Discussion created by Gerald Davis on Jan 24, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2008 by Jim Wilkinson
I have this personal obsession about what should be the difference between LMB and RMB. The left mouse should be action. The right mouse should be options / extras / shortcuts.

In SW08, there is a gizmo called the Context Menu. It's great! When you LMB on a feature, the Context Menu appears and allows you to quickly select a commonly used action. The result is minimum mouse movement - it is really very efficient.

By default, the Context Menu also appears when you RMB in order to display a Shortcut Menu. To me, that's a sin; all I should see is the Shortcut, not the Context. To turn this behavior off, just use Tools>Customize (or hit the down arrow next to the Options Icon and select Customize...).

In the Customize dialog, you'll see a region labeled "Context toolbar settings". Uncheck the option "Show in shortcut menu". With that option turned off, the Context Menu only appears if you LMB.

Of course, if you're some kind of wierd SW07 lover and don't want any new improvements to your UI, you can also turn off the Context Menu funtionality. (I don't recommend doing that. This is one of those UI improvements that really is an improvement!)

(Thanks to the iPod for having a podcast that covered this tip!)