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SW08 Tip - Minimize the FM when making avi

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Jan 24, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2008 by Gerald Davis
In prior releases, when changing the width of the Feature Manger panel the Graphics Window would have to constantly repaint causing a flickering display.

In SW08, the Feature Manager actually overlays on top of the Graphics Window. The result is that you can change the size of the Feature Manager without disrupting what ever is displayed in the Graphics Window. Very cool.

The penalty is that when you're setting up to record an animation from the SolidWorks screen buffer, your eye sees the Feature Manager as the left hand boundary when in fact, the screen buffer boundary is set by the underlying graphics window size.

The solution is to minimize the Feature Manager while you're positioning the components for recording.

(Thanks to D.B. and J.W. for explaining this to me!)