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3D sketching on a multiple reference planes

Question asked by Daniel Sevier on May 26, 2016

I am trying to complete an exercise in Paul Tran's book, Solidworks 2015: Advanced Techniques, page 1-12 to 1-13 (attached).  Please see this and the video, where I try to do this exercise. (SW file also attached).


I am having trouble making 3D sketch on reference planes (and transitioning between the reference planes.) In the exercise, I have to 3d sketch between the top plane, and plane 1, and plane 2. I guess I was able to make the first line on the top plane, the first line on plane 2, and the next line on plane 1, but then I cannot go any further.


I am using Solidworks 2014. In the textbook, it says that if I hold the CONTROL key, it will switch between the reference planes, but this is not working. However. the TAB key does alternate between the default planes (right, front, top), so that works.


Would someone please help me to tell me how to properly do this?


I've tried double-clicking on the plane and continuing the 3d sketch, but this is not placing the sketch on the correct plane. I tried adding a relation of On Plane, but this only sometimes worked, and I could not merge the endpoints with the prior line on the other plane.


Please help. Thanks.