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Default Template 2016

Question asked by Mike Dekkers on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by Anna Wood


I have two PART templates in my Solidworks Template location, one is Part In and the other is Part mm. Something seems to be broken, I select my default part template to be Part mm and pick the button at the bottom for Always use these default document templates.

Default Template.jpg

Then I go to start a new part drawing and the new solidworks document box opens and as you can see it has the Part In is highlighted and that is what it starts as no matter what I select to be my default template.

Default Template 2.jpg

Why doesn't Solidworks use the default template that I selected? I am our system admin and I have some users that prefer to work in metric and some that prefer inch, shouldn't they be able to pick the template they prefer as the default to start the part file with?  Or is this just another Bug of The Great Solidworks 2016?