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Using the Solidworks API alongside the Document Manager API

Question asked by John Alexander on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by John Alexander

I'm using the Document Manager API alongside the regular Solidworks API to access the same model document. The reason for this dubious practice is that I need access to the InvisibleCustomProperty methods that the DM API provides and features of the model document. I'm not aware of a way of setting InvisibleCustomProperties through the normal Solidworks API.


My problem is that, when I set the property, save the document, and then re-open it. The invisible custom property doesn't exist anymore. This behavior isn't consistent - sometimes it does manage to save. If I rebuild the open Solidworks Model and then save it, the InvisibleCustomProperty is gone.


To combat this problem, every time I attempt to read from, write to, or create the InvisibleCustomProperty, I wrap the execution in this pair of functions:

Private Sub getDMDocWriteAccess()

    Dim open_error As SwDmDocumentOpenError

    Dim bRet As Boolean


    'make the model document read only before opening

    If pModel.IsOpenedReadOnly = False Then


        bRet = pModel.SetReadOnlyState(True): Debug.Assert bRet

        Debug.Print "Set the model document to read only"

    End If


    Debug.Assert Not (pModel.IsOpenedReadOnly = False)

    Set pDMDoc = pDMApp.GetDocument(pPathName, SwDmDocumentType.swDmDocumentPart, False, open_error)

    If Not open_error = swDmDocumentOpenErrorNone Then

        Set pDMDoc = pDMApp.GetDocument(pPathName, SwDmDocumentType.swDmDocumentPart, False, open_error): Debug.Assert open_error = swDmDocumentOpenErrorNone

    End If


End Sub

Public Sub saveAndCloseDmDoc()

    Dim save_err        As SwDmDocumentSaveError

    Dim reload_err      As swComponentReloadError_e

    Dim swDMDocument    As SwDocumentMgr.swDMDocument

    Dim bRet            As Boolean


    Set swDMDocument = pDMDoc


    save_err = swDMDocument.Save: Debug.Assert save_err = swDmDocumentSaveErrorNone


    bRet = pModel.SetReadOnlyState(False): Debug.Assert bRet

    reload_err = pModel.ReloadOrReplace(False, pModel.GetPathName, True): Debug.Assert ((reload_err = swDocumentNotChanged) Or (reload_err = swReloadOkay))

End Sub


For instance, setting the custom property is implemented in this way:

Public Sub setValue(value As String)



    pDMDoc.SetInvisibleCustomProperty pCustomPropertyName, value

    If Not (StrComp(pDMDoc.GetInvisibleCustomProperty(pCustomPropertyName, swDmCustomInfoText), value) = 0) Then

        pDMDoc.SetInvisibleCustomProperty pCustomPropertyName, value

    End If

    Debug.Assert (StrComp(pDMDoc.GetInvisibleCustomProperty(pCustomPropertyName, swDmCustomInfoText), value) = 0)


    Debug.Print "SET VALUE:" & pDMDoc.GetInvisibleCustomProperty(pCustomPropertyName, swDmCustomInfoText); ""



End Sub

These are all in a class with private variable names starting with "p" in those examples.


The macro runs without any of those debug.asserts throwing. However, the problem persists - the InvisibleCustomProperty does not persist.


The trouble I'm having with debugging this is I feel like I can't trust the return values for the DMDocument's save method and there isn't a way of observing the change when it is successful.


I would really prefer to use this functionality because it would prevent user-error and allow me to write future macros that use this value purely through the Document Manager API.