Pablo Mosca

Upgraded to 2008, now issues with Windows Explorer

Discussion created by Pablo Mosca on Jan 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2008 by Edward Galle Jr
Has anyone had any issues with your Windows Explorer and the recycle bin locking up after the installation of SW 2008. We are on SW 2008 SP2 and both of our workstations are experiencing the same problem. We are on Windows XP SP2. This all started after we began using the new 2008 SP2 version.

Here is what happens.. We start our PC, and we can use both Windows Explorer and the recycle bin without any issues. But then we start up Solidworks, do our normal activities. Then we close Solidworks and then try to use Windows Explorer or Recycle bin and it locks up..

Any help would be appreciated..