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    Odd Artifacts on Dimensions - Solidworks 2015?

    John Lega

      I'm getting some odd artifacts on my dimensions (see screenshot). When I drag the dimension up and down the artifacts move with it. I have tried the following:


      1. Ctrl-Q

      2. Delete view then Undo

      3. Change to shaded view, then back to lines hidden

      4. Check all my dimension settings. Same settings I've used on all drawings and this is the only drawing affected

      5. Reloaded title block

      6. Closed Solidworks, Rebooted, Turned off computer and back on

      7. Made sure I had latest approved drivers (nVidia K2000), even doing a clean install from safe mode


      None of the above worked. When I first open the drawing it's fine but after working with it a bit they show up. It occurs on several views.






      John LegaDimension Artifacts 01.PNG

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          John Lega

          One other thing I tried (but did not work) was to copy and paste each sheet into a new file. I created a new blank drawing, did a Ctrl-C on sheet one of the bad file, pasted it into the new file and it worked (copy/paste did). When I tried to do the other sheets the same way - all I got were blank sheets - no views. The copy/paste only worked on sheet 1. Is there a reason why copy/paste does not work on multiple sheets?


          When I drag one of the "bad" dimensions up I get this:

          Drag Dim Up.PNG


          After doing a Ctrl-Q - the "crud" moves  up with the 2.0 dimension (in example above).


          Very odd.....





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              John Lega

              Sorry to post again but I found out what is causing it but do not know why? The dimensions that are messed up are on detail views derived from a section view which I applied a BREAK VIEW to. Below is the view "broken". Sorry for small thumbnail but I did not want to post details of the drawing:


              If I un-break the view as below - the artifacts go away:


              Not Brocken.PNG

              I know I can scale it down or only shown half of it but why in the world are those artifacts showing up? FYI: This broken section shown is a straight section - not aligned or multi-line.


              Thanks again,