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Saving to Library

Question asked by Joel Hoksbergen on Jan 23, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2008 by William Gervais
We recently set up the vault and its standard libraries at our company. We have a bunch of files that were never properly saved to the design library, but they are in a folder that we would like moved to the vault/design library. For example, we have a file called Vendor Parts that we want in the library so its parts show up as reference parts in the vault check in. Is there a way to use SW Explorer or PDMWorks to either rename these files to a different file path, or copy to the library and then replace them in any file that uses them?

If I go to each part and click add to library, and then come back and replace the part from the library SW gives me an error that you can't replace a file with a file of the same name. I need to keep the file names the same though. It would be great if I could use SW Explorer to do this. The only way I found to properly get the library part into an assembly is delete the parts from an assembly, close the assembly file (so SW loses memory of it), reopen the assembly, place the files from library, and reconstrain . It seems that there should be a way to use PDM to get these files to the library and maintain the assembly links.