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SW2008 Issue Please Respond!!!

Question asked by John Ellis on Jan 23, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2008 by Balon Corporation
I've been using SW2007 at work for the last year. I wasn't going to upgrade, but I'm getting files from a company that I work close hand with that would not open in 2007 but do in 2008. My problem is (I have a 2008 license) when I upgrade to 2008 with and without uninstalling 2007 (I've tried both ways many times) my computer seems to lock up frequently. I've tried this with a clean SW2008 SP0 install and a SP2 upgrade. I don't even need to have SW2008 open for it to lock up. What it does during lockup: any open windows will not close, cursor will not highlight anything, I have to (ctrl alt del) and hit log off or restart to get my desktop back. It's like not being able to select or do anything without (ctrl alt del) and then it still won't do what I want without a restart.

Example: copying a file to another folder ( a corel draw file, nothing to do with solidworks)(closing a text file)(exiting office program)(staring at desktop with no programs open and then trying to click on something). All with SW2008 not even opened up yet I never had this problem before I installed SW2008. I can system restore, minutes before I install 2008 (2007 still installed) and it works fine.

It's a random thing. I don't believe that any of these actions are a direct relation with SW2008, yet when I had SW2007 I never experience any of these issues.

Computer: Dell Precision M90, Quadro FX 1500M, Duo Core 2.16ghz, 2gigs ram, dx9.0c, xp professional 5.1, bios Phoenix ROM Bios Plus version 1.10 A02

Any suggestions or help would be a life saver.