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Network License Manager?

Discussion created by dan gay on Jan 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2008 by David Dyson
I work for a college it has only recently been noticed that last years network license hasn't been added to the license server. Proving they haven't use the product since Early November. Anyhow I have requested the new license file, opened License manager clicked modify got to the page where you can read in a license file selected the new file I was emailed snl_license_email.txt. Click the OK and it jumps back to the page that should show the number of licenses we have, but it shows nothing and give no errors.

I thought maybe its the version of license manager so I then upgraded to the version contained on our SW2007 install disk Version 15/3.0( Still no joy?

Any suggestions anyone?

The license manager has been working without any issues so things are/were configured fine.