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PDMWE 2008 - BOM Tab Functions

Discussion created by Spencer Smith on Jan 22, 2008
Latest reply on May 1, 2008 by dan burmenko
We will be implementing SAP in the coming months, and will have PDM-SAP connectivity. I was extremely happy to see the BOM and ERP functionality improvements/additions in 2008, but some of the new functionality baffles me. Either I don't understand what they were trying to solve or just can't think of a use for some of the things, like...

1. The tree view that you can toggle on and off. It only shows assemblies - no parts. What purpose does that serve? It must have been something useful for them to sacrifice space on the screen, right?

2. The "As Built" checkbox. Online help tells me that this can be toggled on to show me the BOM as it was originally conceived...but why? Does anyone know of an example where this is used?

3. The "Activated" checkbox. There is extremely little about this in the online help. I can't get past figuring out whether this toggles the display or whether it is actually setting a variable in the system for some purpose. I have toggled it on many BOMs and see no difference. Ideas?

4. Computed BOMs vs. saved BOMs. I understand the difference, but which one am I supposed to utilize to pass parent/child information to SAP so that it can create BOMs in the ERP system? I plan on trying to utilize virtual components and the ability to adjust quantities in the PDM BOM window, but since those numbers are overwritten when a computed BOM is displayed/refreshed it cannot be passed on to ERP. Conversely, a saved BOM exists as a separate file, although I am not sure where. Any suggestions? Examples where this has been done?

Sorry for being long-winded, but we MUST have an in-depth understanding of what these functions do before trying to plug it into something extremely unforgiving like SAP.

I'm hoping that since PDMWE is a successor to Conisio, these functions may have come from Conisio and someone has intimate knowledge of these things. The problem for me is the lack of documentation or examples that would indicate the feature's usefulness. Then again, maybe it's just me.

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