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Applying 2008 x64 SP2.0 to administrative image

Question asked by Christopher Thorn on Jan 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2008 by Glenn Sullivan
Hi, thanks for taking the time to help.

I have made an admin image of my SW 2008 x64 Edition DVD (essentially a copy of all the files and folders on the DVD, now in one folder on my C:\ drive) - total size of around 5.70GB.

I have downloaded the service pack 'sw2008-0.0-2.0-x.exe' with the intention of applying it to the admin image.

When I start 'swspmanager.exe' from the 'sw2008-0.0-2.0-x.exe' archive go through the usual steps ('Upgrade an installation of SolidWorks' > 'Upgrade an administrative image of SolidWorks' > 'Open...').

The problem arises because the 'Open' dialog box only allows me to choose an MSI file, whereas the only installer files I can find in the various folders of the admin image ('setup', 'sldim', etc) have the extensions MSP or EXE.

How can I upgrade the administrative image from SP0.0 to SP2.0?

Many thanks.