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    Windtunnel design

    Richard Duck
      I am trying to make a "wind tunnel" type section that reduces in size. The opening end starts as 12' x 12' and goes 60' in a straight length, turns 180 degrees on a 8' internal diameter, goes about 20' until it comes to a 5' x 5' end
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          Charles Culp
          Create the appropriately sized rectangle at each point in space, using reference planes to define each location.

          Then you can either loft through all of them for a truely continuous change in size, or make a bunch of lofts from one section to the next, thus giving you the transition from one section to the next.

          Check the Solidworks help files for the above tools if you are unfamiliar with them.
          • Windtunnel design
            John Reinhard
            OK, attached is a file of what I think you are asking for made with a surface loft, but the dimensions are not correct, but easily changed. Note however that the reduction happens only on two sides. That is because without more info, I took the easiest solution to what I thought you wanted.

            However I second Charles recommendation to check out the SW help files. They are really quite good for most questions about features.

            I suspect to that generally you might have gotten more response from this forum, except that it is currently SolidWorks World in sunny SanDiego. Unfortunately I had to same home in snowy Utah.