Chris Lindloff

Flatten a complex surface

Discussion created by Chris Lindloff on Jan 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2008 by Tom Drill
If I have a surface knit from a complex part that needs to be stuck to something else with .04" thick foam tape. Is there a way to take that surface and flatten it to give me the size/shape of the die cut adhesive?

I found reference somewhere else on the forum to do this by inserting the surfaces into a new part, thicken it, and then convert it to sheet metal. The problem is; I have no linear segments of the part, evreything is curved.

My end applications is basically an emblem/ornament that is stuck to a fender. I have the emblem and the surface of the fender, but I want to create a model of the adhesive tape between the two. And be able to dimension it.