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    Contains Tab issue and exporting of data

    Tim Turpin
      When viewing data in the Contains tab, you sometimes get info displayed highlighted in blue. See attached image. In this case, the Contains tab is showing blue drawings which all contain the associated assy and part files. (I understand what blue file represent, no help needed there)

      Is it possible to show only the contains data for the selected drawing and not all the additional blue files?

      Is it possible to export only the contains data of the selected drawing?

      Thanks for your help.

        • Contains Tab issue and exporting of data
          Lucas Dexter
          In the admin tool there is a section for file types. By right clicking and selecting 'Properties' on a specific file type, you can specify how that file type reacts in the various tabs, ie. contains, where used, etc. Uncheck the option for 'Do not show "sub-parents" for this file type'. I had to do this for SW assemblies because the users did not want to see the sub-parents for assembly files. One caveat is this is a global setting so it effects all users who view that file type.

          Hope this helps.