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Solidworks 2008 Service Pack 2.0 over 3GBs!!

Question asked by Tim R on Jan 18, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2008 by Delin Parada
I am relatively new to Solidworks, but I don't understand how SW handles their service packs. Isn't a service pack only the bug fixes and new features and the files needed to install them or is it the whole fricking Solidworks DVD again? It looks like to me that it's basically the complete install. Isn't there a way to only download and install the files that are truly new and not all the other bloatware bs and files that aren't really updated? Solidworks install manager told me that the service pack and related software is way over 3 gigs. This download has taken pretty much all of eight hours and that doesn't even include install time and our company has broadband. Doesn't a company like DS realize that forcing people to download a whole frickin' DVD to get some bug fixes is ridiculous?? !! Or am I missing something?