Joel Hoksbergen

Performance Impact of Toolbox Parts

Discussion created by Joel Hoksbergen on Jan 18, 2008
I posted this under drawings, but I thought I would try it here also:

Does anyone know if there are any computer performance issues with files if you place toolbox parts as new configurations vs. new copied parts? As you add new configurations to your screw file (for example) the part file size gets larger. Does this cause your system to bog down if you get to many configurations? I was thinking of setting up my toolbox to create Copied Parts, in order to keep file sizes down, but then I don't have one file that I can go to change a property and update all screws in the system. If you wanted to update the material property you would then have to open every file seperately, instead of opening the master file and updating the configurations. This would be preferable, I just don't want to get a few years into using SW and end up with a very big screw file, and have very large assembly documents.

Any input?