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Violent hard disk grinding

Question asked by Joe Rochinski on Jan 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2010 by Jeff Mowry
I installed SW2008 x64 SP2.0 yesterday and ever since then, every so often solidworks will cripple my computer for several minutes. This usually happens randomly when using ctrl-tab to switch between documents. This is not model-specific and has occured while working on different assemblies, no matter how large or small.

The process goes something like this.
1) Do something that makes SW angry (like ctrl-tab)
2) Screen freezes solid (even the mouse pointer) and hard drive starts grinding away
3) After about 3 or 4 minutes, the computer will SLOWLY start to become responsive again.
4) after 5 or 6 minutes, hard drive torture ceases. Computer will do a LOT of loading when I click on things though, as if the data is being loaded from the hard disk into memory for the first time. The problem will repeat itself approximately every 15-30 minutes, and sometimes causes Solidworks to crash with no error message whatsoever.

I let task manager run until it happened just so I could get a better idea of what was going on. It appears that my computer is purging all of my solidworks data out of memory, and then reloading it. When the computer locks up, SW memory usage will drop down to only a couple of MB. As things start to loosen up and become responsive again, the memory usage will climb back up around 140MB. I'm certainly not out of memory, and despite over a decade's worth of knowledge fixing and troubleshooting computers, this baffles me. This is truly something I've never seen.

I'll be turning off my swap file, deleting pagefile.sys, and defragging before I leave for the weekend, though I'm a bit doubtful that a fragmented pagefile could be the culprit.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a fix? Any help would be appreciated.