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Default Material Appearance

Question asked by Rich Osterreicher on Jan 18, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2008 by Rich Osterreicher
2008 SP2.0
Ok, now in the SP2 material editor, i can sepcify a materials color..
Quiry, not quite there yet, but it's better...
Now, I have some custom appearance files i need to use.
Ex.. I have a braided Stainless Steel appearance file.. Looks great when applied manually.. But, i have to apply it manually every time...
And i have my Braided Stainless Steel Material all set up except for the appearance. In the Material editor's default appearance tab, HOW do i get the drop list of appearance files to see my user created appearance file???
Is the drop list of available default appearances limited only to the included ones?
How do i set it to use my custom appearance file for the default??

What i think would be perfect instead of the dropdown list would be a browse button and file window..
Just liek when you go to edit RV appearance.. There's the textbox that say's what appearance file your using, and the "Browse" button that opens the file window where you browse and file whatever appearance file you want. It would be perfect if that was in the material editor too..