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TIMEOUT Setup Problems

Question asked by David Dyson on Jan 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2008 by David Dyson
I am quickly pulling out what hair I have left trying to get the options file setup correctly. <br /><br />I setup the sw_d.opt file according to the FlexLM book:<br />TIMEOUT solidworks      7200<br />TIMEOUT swofficepro  7200<br /><br />I placed it in the same folder as the .lic files on the PDMWorks Workgroup Server:<br />C:\Program Files\SolidWorks SolidNetWork License Manager\licenses, this is where the sw_d.lic file is located.<br /><br />Now here is where I am getting a little confused. Where in the .lic file is it I place to call to the sw_d.opt file?<br />-------------------------------------------------------------<br />SERVER <ServerName> FLEXID=<id numbers><br />VENDOR SW_D (is it here and is the file mentioned like this: sw_d.opt)<br />(or is the file place on the third line using sw_d.opt)<br />USE_SERVER<br />INCREMENT swofficepro <br />INCREMENT solidworks<br />--------------------------------------------------------------<br />Thanks for any help you can provide.<br /><br />Sorry I forgot to mention that this is for SolidWorks PDMWorks Workgroup Server 2008