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    Hole Callout Drill Size

    Robert Santiago
      I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get the drill size number to display using the hole callout function for a tapped holed created using the hole wizard. For example, I made a 1/4-20UNC -2B tapped holes to a plate using the wizard, and when I created the drawing it correctly called out the tapped hole size, but gave me a drill diameter of 3/16". Looking in all standard tables for that size tapped hole, I should have been told to use a #7 drill which has a decimal equivalent of 0.201
      I know how to get the decimal of 0.201 to display, but I'd like to get it to display the #7 drill size. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreaciated.
        • Hole Callout Drill Size
          Ben Paprocki
          I do not believe it is possible to do what you are asking. You can manually edit the hole size to be what ever you want when you are using the hole wizard by going to "Custom Sizing" at the bottom of the properties manager. I have never been able to get it to display letter or number drill sizes on the hole callout without manually editing the note in the drawing. It always displays the decimal drill size. I'm with you, it would be nice to have that capablity.