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    Updating Blocks doesn't work?!

      The company I work for is new to Solidworks so when I started in April I found that the only templates they had were imported from autocad and didn't link to custom properties. So at that time I went about creating templates and sheet formats along with a number of blocks for diffrent types of manufacturing processes such as stamping with sheet thickness, material type, and inspection standard number then one for plastics with material, nominal wall thickness, color ect.

      Well now 9 months later and I have learned more about what information we need in the blocks so I am trying to update them. I think it should be a simple process of insert the block, edit it and resave either as the same or new file name. What happens though is I edit the block, and rebuilt. While in the edit block command everything looks fine, when I rebuild however edits to notes have happened but if I moved a note it moves.

      I thought this was an easy glitch to overcome by exploding the block and remaking it so I did that. I bring in a block, explode it, edit, recreate the block, save it over the old file and close the drawing. Open a new drawing and insert the block. It turns out that the block I just inserted is the original block again reborn.

      Has anyone else had this trouble? If so have you managed to fix it?
        • Updating Blocks doesn't work?!
          Charles Culp
          I'm not sure how to fix your block problem.

          I can tell you what I would do to solve your root problem. Create sheet formats for what you want your title block/etc to look like. Then, you can right click on "Sheet 1" select properties..., and you can swap out all your sheet formats on the fly.