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    Axis autosizing

    Noel Martin
      Does anybody know how to get the axis to auto size like the planes do when you put your first solid into a sketch.

      I have asked SW to make it possible to turn off the names of the planes so you don't get so much clutter when looking at assemblies. What are my chances of getting any action?
        • Axis autosizing
          Charles Culp
          I suggest using View>Planes to turn off planes all together while working in assemblies. You can, ofcourse, turn them back on when you need them.

          I do not know how to Autosize axis. You can autosize planes by right clicking on the plane and chosing autosize.
          • Axis autosizing
            Eddie Cyganik

            n martin,

            If an axes is created between two planes, the planes will resize when a modification is performed on the feature or features they fit, then the axes will update automatically.

            If an axes is created thru a cylinder, it updates as the cylinder changes length. Same for similar features.

            Works for me in SW06 & SW08. No Autosize required.
            • Axis autosizing
              Brian Cayer
              In my work flow I show only the planes that I need at the time. Same with sketches. I'm not using 2008 in production yet but I look forward using the FMT filter to sort out these features for rapid control.