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    Construction Geometry Limitations

    Daniel Eelman
      This has bugged me since I started with SW, so it has probably been discussed before, but why are we so limited in what can be done with construction lines? At times I like to use construction geometry within a sketch, since it will not affect the extruded feature, and I can leave it in the sketch as reference information. However I cannot select a chain of construction lines, I cannot offset a construction line and have the new line created as construction geometry, and if I use an infinite line, I can't offset it at all. These are all things I find myself wanting to do often enough to really frustrate me.

      I'm sure everyone works differently, and some may not have much use for construction geometry, but I find it an effective way to work except that these limitations slow me down.

      This may be more venting than looking for an answer, but I was wondering if others share this view.
        • Construction Geometry Limitations
          Charles Culp
          1. Being able to select a chain sounds good; although I'm not sure I would ever really want that myself.
          2. Immediatly after creating an offset, the offset lines are automatically selected. If you want them to be construction lines, hit the button that converts between construction->regular lines.
          3. I don't use infinite lines, I use regular lines, and constrain the end point(s) to the extreme features on the sketch/geometry. Just a different technique.
          • Construction Geometry Limitations
            Mans Collner
            Yes, that gets a vote from me to, chain would speed things up some times. Also a option for connected, for both types of lines, could be nice.
              • Construction Geometry Limitations
                Steve Calvert
                I use construction lines, also, and I'd like to see a chain command. I just tried to offset some construction lines from another sketch and it worked for me but I was unable to set tham as construction lines on the fly, as Charles has stated, but I could de-select and re-select chain (of solid lines) and convert them into construction. I do this all the time and I guess I never thought it was a work-around.

                I'll submit an ER if you guys will...