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Construction Geometry Limitations

Question asked by Daniel Eelman on Jan 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2008 by Daniel Eelman
This has bugged me since I started with SW, so it has probably been discussed before, but why are we so limited in what can be done with construction lines? At times I like to use construction geometry within a sketch, since it will not affect the extruded feature, and I can leave it in the sketch as reference information. However I cannot select a chain of construction lines, I cannot offset a construction line and have the new line created as construction geometry, and if I use an infinite line, I can't offset it at all. These are all things I find myself wanting to do often enough to really frustrate me.

I'm sure everyone works differently, and some may not have much use for construction geometry, but I find it an effective way to work except that these limitations slow me down.

This may be more venting than looking for an answer, but I was wondering if others share this view.